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I had this add on for literally more than one month and didn’t even bother to figure out how it worked, assuming it was just another social sharing addon, I just didn’t use it, until yesterday and DAMN, Feedly is my new startpage now and until yesterday that was Netvibes. Feedly takes all your RSS feeds and displays it to you in a magazine style format and has variations of the layout based on your preference, but it beats anything I’ve seen so far hands down.

Feedly Digest

Netvibes needs to take some pointers from Feedly, their readability is wayyy better. Feedly needs to take some pointers from Netvibes too if they wanna compete in start pages, add widgets, email and the like and IMO they will easily overtake Netvibes.

Download Feedly from here.


This Is Why You're Fat
What it is: A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon.

Has the most insanely fatty foods ever. Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you have great metabolism like I do!

Awesome, a social network + a music station with tagging, concerts in your region, similar artists, music videos and lots of other web 2.0 goodness. Even tracks and compiles stats of your regular music play on your ipod/itunes.

Seriously awesome, just started using it but since I’ve spent so much time with I haven’t really made Grooveshark my primary music player online yet but the switching cost is very low.

Like an online version of an ipod with all the music you could want.

Was a great site until it became xenophobic and didn’t allow me to use it outside the US, which sucks because I actually spent time building my stations.

I used this when it first came out, neat.. cool but I haven’t really found any reason to switch from

Of course when you really want to play a song that’s on your mind, youtube was my first choice. However now that youtube is muting copyrighted material, Youtube is easily substituted by Grooveshark (minus the video).