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Deviantart, a touted design community is probably the oldest and largest design community based on the web. Deviantart is the place to scour and find new wallpaper, oh and also other art stuff too if you’re into posting and all that.

My wallpaper pick for this week:



So i decided to try out as I am bored as all hell @ work.


Hunch asks you some questions to get to know you, then based on your answers throws out a couple of responses to your original question. I found out that my ideal vacation spot is Tokyo, which isn’t too far from what I’ve originally planned, so good going Hunch!

So far it seems like the service has only certain topics that you can use hunch for but it will grow as the user base grows.

However it is interesting to think that something like this may be the future of consulting? (Not hunch specifically but the hive continues to grow and who knows how web based everything will become). Hunch itself is more than likely screwed if they don’t add some sort of twitter or facebook connect functionality to it.

Worth a visit if you’re bored.

As someone who cooks based on what’s in his kitchen and usually I mix and match a lot of garbage, this site is damn useful to find tasty recipes based on what’s in your kitchen.

Really really bloody useful.

So last night bored as a bat I tried out, a web based chat service that randomly connects you a one on one chat with a stranger.

Surprisingly I haven’t seen this concept tried before and it’s quite good fun.

A couple of interesting highlights –
A male stranger who started off the conversation with “I need buttsex”.
A 31 year old swedish stranger who attempted to prank me as ‘Daphne the Armenian villager from Ptzuk’, a quick wiki search rendered her full of it very quickly and after a good conversation I got to pranking myself as Burunsi the Ethiopian gun smuggler.
A 20 year old brasilian girl who started off the conversation with “I need a husband” who I planned my future wedding with.

I had this add on for literally more than one month and didn’t even bother to figure out how it worked, assuming it was just another social sharing addon, I just didn’t use it, until yesterday and DAMN, Feedly is my new startpage now and until yesterday that was Netvibes. Feedly takes all your RSS feeds and displays it to you in a magazine style format and has variations of the layout based on your preference, but it beats anything I’ve seen so far hands down.

Feedly Digest

Netvibes needs to take some pointers from Feedly, their readability is wayyy better. Feedly needs to take some pointers from Netvibes too if they wanna compete in start pages, add widgets, email and the like and IMO they will easily overtake Netvibes.

Download Feedly from here.