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So Wolfram Alpha the hyped up computational knowledge machine (aka Skynet) released today and I was pretty impressed. Although I can’t find myself using it in any regularity as I don’t find myself asking myself what the height of Mount Everest is divided by the length of the Golden Gate Bridge very often. Unless I’m doing a pop quiz with a deadline I can find much the same information through the google tab on the top left of my browser, without having to type in the ridiculously long name wolframalpha! Until they allow you to upload your own data and have it graph it for you and do regression and other funky stuff, I’m just going to keep this on the backburner.

Definitely worth watching out for and checking out though –

Check out the screencast as well –



If you’re doing any repetitive tasks on your computer and you have basic understanding of programming concepts this program is the shiznit in making your day a helluva lot more efficient.

Use it to change abbreviations into full blow emails or hotkeys into repeating a simple task like multiple copy and paste, clicking and much much more.