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I had this add on for literally more than one month and didn’t even bother to figure out how it worked, assuming it was just another social sharing addon, I just didn’t use it, until yesterday and DAMN, Feedly is my new startpage now and until yesterday that was Netvibes. Feedly takes all your RSS feeds and displays it to you in a magazine style format and has variations of the layout based on your preference, but it beats anything I’ve seen so far hands down.

Feedly Digest

Netvibes needs to take some pointers from Feedly, their readability is wayyy better. Feedly needs to take some pointers from Netvibes too if they wanna compete in start pages, add widgets, email and the like and IMO they will easily overtake Netvibes.

Download Feedly from here.


My Favorite Firefox Plugins

Most Used:
Del.icio.us – Any del.icio.us needs to have this extension.. fanfntastic!
Firebug – A web designer must, seriously slick css/xhtml editor.
Adblock – Destroyer of the web 2.0 revenue model!!
StumbleUpon – This is like internet on crack!
FireFTP – FTP in browser with drag & drop.. niceeee.
TabMixPlus – Really useful for messing around with tabs.

Used Occasionally:
Panic Button – For when the boss comes rolling round whilst you are writing a blog post.
ScribeFire – Blog posting in browser.. but most of the time i prefer using WordPress itself.
Bugmenot – For finding registration for sites you don’t want to register for.
Sharealicious – For all those social media junkies.. easy to share!

Google Chrome aint all that Shiny

Google Chrome is a simplistic browser that offers a lot less than Firefox; I guess you can’t expect all that much from the world’s largest “internet” company. While it does offer a little bit of change in browsers, its look and feel seem like it’s targeted towards elderly folk or children whilst not the coolest this does have its advantages. My inner child might say “oO look at the colours” or my inner geriatric (who comes out when I’m hungover) might say “Ohh the screen is a bit much bigger, this is much easier to look at”, however these two lame advantages are quickly overcome when you realize that Firefox offers so much more through their addons. Any internet geek worth his salt won’t be using Google Chrome, admittedly it was a nice browsing experience but when you need to get down to real surfing, it just doesn’t offer enough for me to give up all this time I’ve put into tweaking Firefox to get an unsophisticated browser experience.