Google Chrome is a simplistic browser that offers a lot less than Firefox; I guess you can’t expect all that much from the world’s largest “internet” company. While it does offer a little bit of change in browsers, its look and feel seem like it’s targeted towards elderly folk or children whilst not the coolest this does have its advantages. My inner child might say “oO look at the colours” or my inner geriatric (who comes out when I’m hungover) might say “Ohh the screen is a bit much bigger, this is much easier to look at”, however these two lame advantages are quickly overcome when you realize that Firefox offers so much more through their addons. Any internet geek worth his salt won’t be using Google Chrome, admittedly it was a nice browsing experience but when you need to get down to real surfing, it just doesn’t offer enough for me to give up all this time I’ve put into tweaking Firefox to get an unsophisticated browser experience.