Trying to learn french is a hobby of mine, since i’m on the continent, it might come in handy for chatting up girls. In this quest, which is going slower than a carpal tunnel syndrome having person trying to solve a rubik’s cube, I’ve come across a couple of good resources which I’ve used to further my linguistic cunning:

The most comprehensive and best resource of the three in terms of actual language learning. Practice your speaking, comprehension, reading et al. The site has many modules and structured learning programs which you follow – a to b to c, etc. My critique of the site is that the structure of the program seems way too textbook and schoolish. Livemocha does encourages interaction with other users and it even awards Mochapoints based on your completion of courses and reviewing of other user’s submissions. On that note, I’m a grown ass man.. what the hell do I need MochaPoints for?

Busuu is a much less structured form of Livemocha, with modules on everything from doctor’s visits to picking up ladies. The amount of content is a lot less than LiveMocha but on the flipside the design is very chirpy and makes me forget I’m a grown ass man. You get a garden and receive apples and grow your tree – the more you learn and help others out.

Basically a conversation site to meet language exchange partners. Sharedtalk is from Rosetta’s Stone, the guys who are serious about profiting from your language learning. The site does have its fair share of users and quite a good flash based voice chat with a significant base of language partners, it’s interesting.
Note: Don’t try to have a conversation with a non-native english speaker drunk, it kills your buzz.

Phrase du jour: C’est Qui Papa? – Who is your daddy?